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Fungicide Liquid Concentrate

Zayin Fungicide


Zayin bio-fungicide has gone head-to-head against multiple conventionally formulated fungicides and has been an effective addition to an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Zayin not only outperforms other bio-fungicides in third-party field testing, but has shown that it will provide full-spectrum control. Most biological-based fungicides need to build up to provide control, but as growers and agronomists know, there is no such thing as a clean field. This is why Zayin is in a class of its own in the biological field, as Zayin provides contact kill and preventative action.  


Application Options

Zayin is tank compatible, allowing for a single tank mix for complete control. This will enable Zayin to be added to other fungicides, insecticides, and nutrients. Unlike other biologicals, you will be able to acidify the tank if needed for your other materials without compromising Zayin's efficacy.  


How we Work 

Once applied, Zayin will actively attack any mildew that is growing, striking the mildew germ tube and inducing an immediate imbalance in the K+ ions inside the mycelium. Zayin also causes retardation to the spore germination and actively destroys the mildew pathogen cells. It inhibits mycelium proliferation and prevents the germ tube from growing.


Environmental, Export, and Workers

Zayin provides a safe approach to your fungicide program. Zayin formulation delivers superior environmental and worker safety. Zayin is classified as a FIFRA 25 (b) based material, meaning that it uses materials the EPA finds as reduced risk. Zayin has a zero-material residue limit allowing for a safe export and a zero pre-harvest interval and allowing a quick return to the field if sprayed with other GroPro materials.

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