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Fruit Stability Enhancer

Fruit Stability Enhancer


GroPro developed Shield to increase silica to provide optimal plant support in terms of rigidity for lodging and skin and flesh.  Silica has been proven to be an effective addition to a fertilizer program and ensures the plant has better protection against stress points during the season.

Application Options

Shield was developed using the highest-grade potassium silicate with lowest heavy metal content.  This ensures that it is tank compatible allowing for easier applications and a single pass field program.  Can be applied through drip, sprinkler, pivot, flood and sprayed foliar to provide effective Si and K loads. 


How We Work

Silicon (Si) serves as a bio-active beneficial element. Si plays a pivotal role in growth and development. This beneficial effect usually depends on the accumulation in plant tissues protected from various forms of biotic and abiotic stresses. Plants grown under natural conditions are exposed to diverse biotic (diseases caused by viral and bacterial pathogens or fungi and herbivores) (Miyake and Takahashi, 1983Cherif et al., 1994Savant et al., 1997) and abiotic (salinity, heat, cold, wind, water, and mineral deficiency or excess) stress, often in combinations (Ma et al., 2001Ma, 2004Farooq et al., 2015). Thus plants face an enormous combinatorial complexity with basically infinite environmental conditions. Si enhances plants' physical and chemical defense power (Epstein, 1999). However, the beneficial effects of Si are most evident in high Si-accumulating plant species (Ma et al., 2011). 

Si plays a pivotal role in the immobilization of toxic heavy metals such as Al, As, Cd, which due to heavy pumping of groundwater from the reduction in the rain, has increased the presence of heavy metals in groundwater tables. Shield delivers highly available Si and K directly to the plant to ensure optimal performance in peak need times.


Environmental, Export, and Workers

Shield is formulated using clean, highly chelated materials with reduced heavy metal formulations. This allows for better materials, a better deeper absorption for the plant, and a better environmental impact.

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