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Nematicide Liquid Concentrate

Vigilance Nematicide

Patented Bio-Nematicide 

GroPro patented bio-nematicide has been proven in multiple field trials worldwide. Third-party testing was performed on a wide range of crops such as grapes, almonds, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and potatoes, which have shown efficacy equal to or superior to conventional nematicides. When trialed head-to-head against leading biological-based nematicides, GroPro has proven to provide exceptionally long-lasting efficacy. These trials show a significant reduction in multiple species of nematodes at all levels of life stages. Unlike other nematicides, Vigilance offers complete life cycle control of parasitic nematodes.


Application Options

Vigilance is proven to work in multiple application methods. Please consult the label for rates, but applications can happen via drip, pivot, wheel run, flood, sprinkler and side dressing. Vigilance can also be applied as a fumigant preplant and replant hole treatment for trees and vines. Contact your local agronomist at one of GroPro's dealers for your application needs.


How We Work

Vigilance works in the soil by directly attacking the adults and eggs. Upon contact, the adults become paralyzed and no longer feed. The egg itself breaks down, and no hatching occurs. During this process, Vigilance works on penetrating the roots to support new fleshy root growth and deal with parasitic nematodes inside the root itself. The control continues for months allowing for a long-term active control time. Vigilance also reduces other soil-born disease issues and wireworms.


Environmental, Export, and Workers

Vigilance ensures a long safe approach to your nematode program. Vigilance uses a patented formulation that delivers superior environmental and worker safety. Vigilance is classified as a FIFRA 25 (b) based material, meaning that it uses materials the EPA finds as reduced risk. Vigilance has a zero-material residue limit allowing for a safe export and a zero pre-harvest interval and plant back label. 

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