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Brix Stimulation

Brix Stimulation


GroPro has formulated Bio-Sweet to support growers during the acid to Brix formation period. Bio-Sweet delivers critical metabolism support to induce the plant to convert acids to sugars either early or established during stalled periods due to climate conditions. Developed with the needed macro and micronutrients to provide to the plant during peak needs ensures superior results. Trialed head-to-head with other materials that claim to support Brix with natural and synthetic approaches, Bio-Sweet has shown increased Brix levels in multiple crops allowing for harvest to occur and an improved return on investment for each grower who utilized Bio-Sweet. 


Application Options

Bio-Sweet is fully tank compatible and ready for your tank mix, which can be added directly into your fungicide or insecticide program. While Bio-Sweet does contain multiple macros and micros, it is specifically designed to support the plants' metabolism during the Brix formation period. 


How We Work

Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) stands for Balling Relative Intensity Index, which is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. You measure Brix based on a light refraction index. For decades, this method has been commonly used in fruit, wine, and vegetables. During photosynthesis, sucrose begins to form inside the leaves and, through osmosis, relocates into the cells. If cells have high Brix levels, they have what's referred to as turgor pressure, the level of water pressing the cell membrane against the cell wall. When this occurs, the crop can look crisp and healthy, and when plants have low turgor pressure, they look unhealthy and wilted. This is an easy sign that the nutrients that are key in Brix formation are lacking, or are not formulated so that the plant can adequately absorb and utilize them. Bio-Sweet contains an optimal level of macros and micros, designed to manage the plant's ability to drive the plant to keep the Phloem and Xylem moving freely, ensuring optimal translation of necessary nutrients.


Environmental, Export, and Workers

Bio-Sweet is formulated using clean, highly chelated materials with reduced heavy metal formulations. This allows for better materials, a better, deeper absorption for the plant, and a better environmental impact.

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