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Our Story

GroPro is an international Bio-Fertilizer, Bio-Stimulant, and Bio-Pesticide manufacturer with a headquarter in Burnsville, MN. The company's target regions are – the USA, the Middle East, Africa, the EU, and Central America. Our products have been competing and beating the bio-industry standards. Numerous field trial results with universities, researchers, and growers confirm our effectiveness. GroPro has also efficiently provided superior efficacy against traditional chemical inputs, allowing us to offer product lines for all growers.

GroPro was an early visionary in the bio-based market when we founded our international operations in 2019. From that point, we have been working tirelessly to innovate and lead the global development, research, education, and adoption of the bio market. Because of this, GroPro has been able to work with some of the top growers worldwide to evaluate and prove our materials' efficacy as a rotational and stand-alone product line for a truly integrated pest management approach. 


GroPro messaging is simple: our products cost less and are safer for farmers, workers, and the environment. We have proven that bio-pesticides can replace synthetic ones. We improve the water, soil, plants, and consumers by harmonizing with nature. 


GroPro aims to educate farmers that biological products are as effective as synthetic agrochemicals and generate equal or higher profits for farms. By sharing our knowledge, our trial results, and educating farmers, we want to improve the image of non-chemical inputs globally and support developing markets like Egypt, Guatemala, etc. 


GoPro's mission is to fill the gap of effective non-chemical inputs, which help farmers cut chemicals use without compromising the profitability and quantity or quality of the crop. Our products are effective and safe tools for farmers; we have proven and aim to educate that farming with non-chemical products is economically feasible. We believe in the balance of sustainability, effectiveness, and profitability.

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