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Our Technology

The foundation of GroPro’s revolutionary technology is our proprietary AMPx production process. Our tightly controlled manufacturing method starts with plant extracts, sourced from our facilities, then passed through our AMPx platform. AMPx technology allows us to refine these plant-based oils, the building blocks of our pesticide line, to the highest level of purity in the industry. The AMPx process then micronizes these highly purified, highly concentrated extracts and reduces them into an ultrafine solution designed for optimal performance. The result of the AMPx process is products that are highly “bio-available” and “target-specific”! We provide today’s growers with what they need when they need it! GroPro’s cutting-edge product lines, from bio-fertilizers to insecticides, fungi- cides, and nematicides, deliver more activity with fewer total active ingredients.

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