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Our Team


Ernie DeLanghe

Founder & President


Ernie is an innovator and results-driven entrepreneur who has built several successful companies. Currently, he is the CEO & owner of Caliber, Inc., Elastech Solutions, Inc., and Foxpoint Ventures.


James Lamoureaux

VP of Funding

James is an environmental entrepreneur,  inventor, and start-up architect. He has served in key executive and sales positions with leading investment banking companies (including IGP).


Jeff Hill


Jeff has worked in the industry for over 26 years. He has been part of multiple formulations and product research and developments globally.  Jeff has multiple licenses and certifications in various agricultural fields. He has worked with various universities and governments worldwide to establish biotechnology and regulatory frameworks to ensure a sustainable development platform for GroPro and the international biotechnology community.


Benito Varela

Chief Executive Officer

Benito has delivered solid results in international sales, with extensive experience leading large organizations, with a strong impact on revenue growth and closing major M&A transactions during his 30 years with Dow AgroSciences, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Engineering and also a master’s degree in professional business management, and a mentor at the Venture Mentoring Team in Miami.


Matt Smith

CA, NV, HI Territory Sales Agronomist

Matt has been a farmer and has worked in agricultural chemical sales for over two decades. He has been a qualified applicator and PCA for over ten years. He has experience in growing and managing multiple tree crops, row crops, and field crops.

Anthony Faretta

PNW Sales Agronomist

Anthony has developed a wide range of specialty agriculture experience; he built an extensive network of major growers in the organic and conventional farming community in the Pacific Northwest.


Jeff Runnels

Environmental and DTC Lines Manager

Jeff Runnels is an award-winning sales and professional marketing expert, experienced in multiple channel sales. Runnels is highly accomplished in managing and selling products, programs, and marketing strategies with retailers and brokers.


Joshua C. Perdue

Southeast Region Sales Agronomist

Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science with specialization in organic production.

His training includes agribusiness management, international account management, as well as scouting and making recommendations in a variety of crops in North Carolina. Josh supports our distribution and retail partners in the southeastern United States.


Sarah Hallyburton

PNW Research and Technical Development Specialist

Sarah specializes in sustainable agriculture systems and soil health. She earned her M.S. in Soil Science from Washington State University. Sarah brings a diverse background of experience in PNW agriculture including certified organic systems, seed production, and specialty crops.


Dennis D. Miller

Agri, PNW Research and
Tech Dev. Specialist

Dennis holds a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness. He has 42 years of experience. Experience as a technical sales manager in PNW, and retail account manager in Dupont crop protection, and also experience of technical sales representative and regional manager.

Mohammed Gamil_small.jpg

Mohammed Gamil,

MENA Representative

Mohammed is a seasoned agrochemicals professional with advanced degrees in both science and business from Cairo University, including a Master of Science in Bio-Nanotechnology and a MBA in Strategic Management. His comprehensive education also encompasses an Export and Foreign Trade Diploma and a Diploma in Marketing and Business Development. With a solid foundation in Pesticide Chemistry and Economic Entomology, Mohammed has a strong background in the environmental impacts of pesticides, evidenced by his participation in international research and scholarship programs related to pesticide toxicology and residue analysis.

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