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Color Stimulation

Fruit and Flower Pigmentation Support


GroPro has formulated Aurora to support growers with a specific issue. Aurora delivers critical metabolism support to induce color enhancement in crops. Developed with the needed macro and micronutrients to provide to the plant during peak needs ensures superior results. Trialed head-to-head with other materials that claim to support color with natural and synthetic approaches, Aurora has shown increased color in multiple crops allowing for harvest to occur and an improved return on investment for each grower who utilized Aurora. 


Application Options

Aurora is fully tank compatible and ready for your tank mix, which can be added directly into your fungicide or insecticide program. While Aurora does contain multiple macros and micros, it is specifically designed to support the plants' metabolism during the veraison period. 


How We Work

Aurora provides specific support to all crops, including flowers or fruiting crops. Aurora includes explicit support for color during the color formation period in the crop and therefore optimizes the depth of color. Aurora's proprietary formulation supports maturation and development during set periods in crops. Aurora supports the plant hormones that play an essential role in synchronizing signals between the developing seed and its surrounding fruit tissue(s), regulating each phase of fruit development. Following pollination, the fruit set is achieved through a de-repression of growth and activation of cell division via the action of auxin or cytokinin and/or gibberellin. Once a plant's seeds reach full maturity, the fruit enters the ripening period. During this time frame, there is a significant switch in the plant in specific hormone levels of the fruit, with a decrease in auxin, gibberellin, and cytokinin and a simultaneous increase in abscisic acid and ethylene. Aurora is specifically designed to support this period to allow optimal color development and fruit development.  

Environmental, Export, and Workers

Aurora is formulated using clean, highly chelated materials with reduced heavy metal formulations. This allows for better materials, a better deeper absorption for the plant, and a better environmental impact.

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