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Stomp Slug

Liquid Concentrate

Slug and Snail Eradication


Stomp patented bio-insecticide was developed to support growers' needs for slug, snail, mole cricket, and ant control. Stomp was formulated using the latest proprietary extraction and amplification processes to ensure the highest control for our partners. Stomp has been trialed in grass seed production and vegetable crops to ensure superior long last control.


Application Options

Stomp is tank compatible and ready for your tank mix because our EC-based formulation flows freely through multiple types of spray equipment and holds up very well for application. Coverage is a key, and GroPro suggests using a high-grade surfactant inside the tank. Please consult a GroPro dealer partner for more information on specific adjuvants available.  


How We Work

Stomp works directly on contact and interferes with the salivary gland and mucus formation in slugs and snails. Due to the disruption of the mucous secretion, slugs and snails immediately reduce all activities such as moving, feeding, and reproduction. For mole crickets and ants, Stomp coats and causes suffocation and disruption to the GABA, causing neurological disorders and death.  


Environmental, Export, and Workers

Stomp ensures a long safe approach to your insect spray program. Stomp uses a patented formulation that delivers superior environmental and worker safety. Stomp is classified as a FIFRA 25 (b) based material, meaning that it uses materials the EPA finds as reduced risk. Stomp has a zero-material residue limit allowing for a safe export and a zero pre-harvest interval allowing for reduced sprays and better control.

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