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R&D Strategy

GroPro is committed to investing in continuous process improvements and deepening it's manufacturing R&D strategy that will benefit and support our existing and new customers. The company has a robust R&D global strategy, which includes more data, more trails, more research, new products development etc.  

 A critical component of GroPro's R&D activities is the conduction of broad, two-tiered trials and demonstrations to gather empirical evidence of the effectiveness of our products. 


R&D partnerships 

  We have multiple ongoing trials with renowned institutions like: 

  • Washington State University,  

  • University of Florida,  

  • Clemson,  

  • North Dakota State University, 

  • University of Idaho,  

  • Oregon State University,  

  • UC Davis,  

  • UC Cooperative Extension,  

  • and over a dozen independent research groups and additional international universities. 

These trials aim to delve into the art of using our products for various crops and the targeted control of diseases and insects. These trials span a broad geographical range, from coast to coast in the US to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Morocco, among others. 

On the other hand, for demonstrations, GroPro focuses on wor
king closely with key growers. This year alone, we are conducting over 70 demos across 20 different crops in the US. Our trials have provided valuable insights and led to beneficial partnerships with growers and distributors. For instance, GroPro has developed a complete fumigation replacement program addressing growers' material shortages. Moreover, our patented Vigilance Nematicide has shown great potential in combatting conventional nematicides. Through extensive trials, we've also confirmed that our Awakening material increases bee activity, pollination, yields, and ROI. 

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