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Pollen Stimulation and Enhancer

Plant Support, Biotic and Abiotic Stress Reducer


GroPro’s uniquely formulated Awakening is designed to provide optimal support during plant bloom cycles. Developed with the needed macro and micronutrients to deliver to the plant during peak needs ensures superior results. Trialed head-to-head with other materials that claim to increase yields with natural and synthetic approaches, Awakening has shown increased yearly yields and an improved return on investment for each grower who utilized Awakening. Awakening also contains kelp, aminos, and additional materials designed to support the plant's metabolism during abiotic stress periods and provide a superior set.


Application Options

Awakening is tank compatible and ready for your tank mix, allowing it to be added directly into your fungicide or insecticide program. While Awakening does contain multiple macros and micros, it is specifically designed to support the plant's metabolism during the bloom period. GroPro suggests that Awakening will not deliver the additional support outside of this period. GroPro would recommend the utilization of one of our other fertilizer materials in this case.


How We Work

Awakening contains a proprietary formulation that supports the plant during abiotic stress periods. Awakening supplies the optimal macro and micronutrients with the addition of kelp, aminos, and fulvic to ensure shoot growth, flower development, and set. Awakening also reduces secondary issues of fruit deformation or abortion due to improper nutrients and stress points. Lastly, the product contains a cutting-edge additive that, unlike others, provides an attractant to bees, increasing the pollination time and level.


Environmental, Export, and Workers

Awakening is formulated using clean, highly chelated materials with reduced heavy metal formulations. This allows for better materials, a better deeper absorption for the plant, and a better environmental impact.


Eric Torrison, CFO of W. L. Torrison Farms, discusses his success story using Awakening.

John Holloway, VP of Chevelle Almonds, doubled his overall yield using Awakening.

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