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Turf and Ornamental Liquid Insecticide Concentrate

Soft-bodied Insect Control

Patented Bio-Insecticide 

Furious bio-insecticide has been proven worldwide in multiple crops against various pests. GroPro has worked with third-party groups to actively test Furious against the multitude of issues growers face in the field each day. These included testing looking at water quality against efficacy, acidification of tanks, product stability and effectiveness, and multiple insect controls on various locations such as nematodes on golf courses, and treatments of planted trees, vines, and flowers. These trials were conducted to show how Furious performed in real grower scenarios so that, unlike others, we can provide an in-depth label on control. Furious was trialed against bio-pesticides, but it was also trialed head-to-head against the leading conventional insecticides, proving that Furious and the GroPro technologies provide a competitive bio-insecticide that can compete in today's IPM programs. 


Application Options

Furious is tank compatible and ready for your tank mix because our EC-based formulation of Furious flows freely through multiple spray equipment types and holds up very well for ease of application. Coverage is a key, and GroPro suggests using a high-grade surfactant inside the tank. Please consult a GroPro dealer partner for more information on specific adjuvants available.  


How We Work

Furious works with multiple modes of action. Furious coats the soft body causing suffocation, and the subsequent mode of action disrupts the GABA causing neurological disorders. Other modes of action are destroying eggs, nymphs, instars, and adults, performing complete life cycle destruction. Furious can be used up and to the time of harvest. This is a game changer as growers can harvest and apply only to areas where infestation increases to above the economic threshold and reduces acres being sprayed and overall costs.


Environmental, Export, and Workers

Furious ensures a long safe approach to your Insect spray program. Furious uses a patented formulation that delivers superior environmental and worker safety. Furious is classified as a FIFRA 25 (b) based material, meaning that it uses materials the EPA finds as reduced risk. Furious has a zero-material residue limit allowing for a safe export and a zero pre-harvest interval allowing for reduced sprays and better control.

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