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Boosting cherries' crop potential with Awakening!

Our PNW agronomists actively cooperate with local cherries growers to boost cherries' bloom and yields with GroPro's Awakening Biofertilizer! The USA is the second-largest producer of cherries in the world. The top U.S. producing states (sweet and tart cherries) are Michigan, California, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

An essential aspect of cherry fruit production is proper pollination. GroPro's Awakening stimulates the plant's natural processes to enhance flower development while increasing stamen hold and pollinator activity. This, in turn, increases total flower pollination, ensuring overall plant yield increases. The primary focus of this product - is increasing pollination on all flowering crops and, as a result - higher yields of fruits, nuts, and berries. Awakening trials showed that the product helps increase the number of active pollinators attracted to different crops.

Awakening has also been shown to increase stamen hold during stress periods of adverse weather such as wind and rain, allowing for pollination to still occur and increasing yields and returns on investment.

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