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GroPro partners with Chemtrec to provide emergency support to customers.

To support our clients and give them peace of mind, GroPro partnered with Chemtrec — a professional supporting company and an emergency response information provider. Chemtrec is a service of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). Since 1971, Chemtrec has been the chemical industry’s go-to emergency call center for incidents involving hazardous materials. Chemtrec makes chemical hazmat shipping compliance easier and reduces risk. Many companies trust Chemtrec for reliable, cost-effective emergency preparedness, government compliance, and around the clock support.


In GroPro we believe that safety of our clients and the environment is our prime duty. Now Chemtrec emergency call center is here for GroPro customers around the clock to offer immediate assistance from a team of fully-trained and experienced hazardous materials emergency response services specialists.  Look for the new GroPro SDS with the new information and in total international shipping standards soon on CDMS, Greenbook, and Agrian.

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