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GroPro products listed on CDMS database

We are proud to announce that our products are confirmed as listed on the CDMS database (!

CDMS manages and standardizes product information data on behalf of manufacturers and seed companies to ensure accuracy and adherence to regulations and provide product stewardship. On top of these core product databases, CDMS provides a range of functionality, including compliance checking scenarios, structured data elements for standardization and analysis, and product reference data. Integration is with agronomy workflows, FMIS, logistics, ERP, academia, equipment, and food company platforms, delivered via APIs and web applications. Their services are utilized by a broad range of industry participants, including product manufacturers, distribution, consultants, growers, and food companies.

GroPro team is excited to provide our current and future clients with more opportunities to know all our products! 
GoPro's mission is to fill the gap of effective naturally formulated inputs, which help farmers offset current industry materials while improving profitability and crop quality. GroPro products are field proven effective and safe tools for farmers; we have proven and aim to educate that farming with non-chemical products is economically feasible.

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