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GroPro’s Skeeter Mosquito Control is now available online at

GroPro’s Skeeter Mosquito Control is now available online at Since 1979, ARBICO Organics has been serving customers in the livestock and agricultural industry. From biological pest control for flies and plant pests, to supplies to help transition your farm to organic standards, Arbico strives to provide products and advice to maximize sustainability and effectiveness. Arbico Organics evaluates and procures high quality products for home, garden, agricultural and livestock needs. They offer a variety of products recognized by select agencies such as OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture), CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) and products that meet NOP standards.

We are excited to partner with Arbico to bring Skeeter— a new and innovative product— to market to support mosquito and midge larvae and pupae control. Arbico is a great online retail partner with our mutual focus on offering natural products that deliver safe and effective results when used as directed.


About Skeeter:  GroPro's Mosquito larvicide and pupacide Skeeter provides environmentally safe control of mosquitoes and midges while ensuring no risk. We recommend to use Skeeter for standing water where mosquitoes breed, small or large. Highly effective with mortality rates above 75% in 24 hours and within 72 hours proven control of 95% plus. Skeeter was designed to provide municipalities, HOAs, Homeowners, and Applicators an easily affordable and effective larvicide and pupacide for mosquitos. GroPro's OMRI-listed Skeeter is safe around fish, dragonflies, people and pets. Skeeter ensures a long lasting, safe approach to your Mosquito spray program. Skeeter uses a patented formulation that delivers superior environmental and worker safety when used as directed. #Skeeter is designed to be applied in stagnant water, sewage areas, pipes, drainage, lakes, ponds, and storm drains. It can be used via aerial applications, backpacks, and boats. 

For more info about Skeeter, please reach out to Jeff Runnels:


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