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GroPro joined ARA (The Agricultural Retailers Association)

GroPro continues to expand its agricultural industry presence - we are pleased to announce that GroPro has joined ARA (The Agricultural Retailers Association). ARA is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of agricultural retailers and distributors across the United States on legislative and regulatory issues. As the political voice for agricultural retailers and distributors, ARA advocates on critical issues educates legislators, and collaborates with regulatory officials on important industry issues.

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) offers programs and services designed to keep agricultural retailers on top of critical issues that impact profitability. The landscape for crop input practices, technology developments, and government regulations is constantly changing. Staying informed means staying ahead, and no organization helps the retail distribution industry more than ARA.

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) advocates, influences, educates, and provides services to support its members in their quest to maintain a profitable business environment, adapt to a changing world, and preserve their freedom to operate.

As s new ARA member, we are looking forward to expanding our professional network and building new professional experiences. We are encouraged to bring our biological industry expertise to the table to steer ARA public policy priorities, member services, content for the annual conference, and more in the direction that benefits the ag retail industry the most. 

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